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Development of Iron Fertilization Science


1. Iron Fertilization Is a Truly New Concept. The fundamental concept that iron controls the growth of phytoplankton in much of the world’s oceans was formally postulated with supporting data in the late 1980’s. During the 1990’s and into 2002, a series of experiments, ranging from bench-scale assays to large-scale fertilizations of 100-sqare kilometer patches of ocean from the North Pacific to Antarctica, have been conducted to test the “iron hypothesis” and the results of these experiments have confirmed the initial hypothesis.

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Questions and Concerns


How it works

How would iron fertilization for carbon sequestration be done?

The most likely approach to applying iron fertilizer for carbon sequestration would be to produce carbon “crops” with large, temporary blooms in the open ocean. The sequence of a typical “crop” would be:

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